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2023 SMEA UAE Market Access & Expand North Star Startup Show Tour by iiiNNO



iiiNNO is honored to be selected and invited by SMEA of Taiwan MOEA to execute the first SMEA UAE market access tour as host with support of AsiaRath as co-host to plan out an official Taiwan delegation to UAE from Oct 12th - Oct 20th with exhibition at one of the biggest startup show in the world, Expand North Star, in Dubai on Oc 15th-18th.

Who can apply

Any companies registered in Taiwan, less than 8 years since the date of company registration.

Program Guideline (簡章) - Published on 2023/09/18 11:45AM

  • 2nd Online Recorded Program Overview (2023/09/19 9AM)

    • Youtube Link:

    • Youtube Embedded Video Below:

Online Application / 線上報名

Program Online Application

How To Contact / 如何聯繫我們

Info on UAE / 有關UAE的資料


1st Round Qualification List (2023/09/26 3:06PM)

We have total 12 application. Among the 12 applications, 10 companies are qualified based on

  • on-time application (which is due on 2023/9/24 11:59PM)

  • English powerpoint

  • Qualified for startup definition by SMESA

Congratulation to the 10 companies in the list (which is sorted by the time of submission on Google Form), and the same sequence will be used for 2023/09/27 4:00PM Online Pitch judging.

The pitch will be conducted in English with the PDF slide that was submmitted with the Google form application. We will upload the slide for all the team and controlled the slide from our end.

The pitch is 3 minutes, followed by 5 minutes Q&A. The 5 (pre-selected team) + 3 (runner up team) will be annouced at 2023/09/27 Wednesday 9PM on this same website link.

Once again, thank you to all of the team that participated in the application of the 2023 SMESA UAE Market Access & North Star Startup Tour delegation appliation.

If you are one of the startup companies, please kindly join the new Line Link and please kindly introduce which company you represent and if you are presenting tomorrow (or who will be presenting tomorrow >> LINK:

  1. Linbros CO., LTD.立鉑國際股份有限公司 90482725 (4:10PM)

  2. UJ BioMed Co., Ltd.詠捷生醫股份有限公司 42613473 (4:22PM)

  3. iAMBITION Technology雄欣科技股份有限公司 29187778 (4:34PM)

  4. Turing Drive Inc.台灣智慧駕駛股份有限公司 50773141 (4:46PM)

  5. Crypto-Arsenal奇策智能雲端股份有限公司 85017328 (4:58PM)

  6. Airtree Inc.甫田科技股份有限公司 50786595 (5:10PM)

  7. GreenhopeBCTW, Co., Ltd.市民永續股份有限公司 50771410 (5:22PM)

  8. Digi Space Co., Ltd.實境共創(股)公司 52808455 (5:34PM)

  9. Ubestream Inc.環球睿視股份有限公司 52207410CHU LIN (5:46PM)

  10. Media Strategy Co. Ltd鉅林媒體策略有限公司 90766103 (5:58PM)

2nd/Final Round Selection List (2023/09/27 Wednesday 9:10PM)

The team list (sorted by alphabetic order) is the 5 pre-selected teams for the 【2023 SMESA UAE Market Access & Expand North Star Tour】. The pre-selected 5 teams have first right to proceed with the airline ticket and booth booking within next 15 hours (1st deadline is 2023/09/27 11:59 / 2nd deadline is 2023/09/28 12:00PM).

Failure to complete required process to qualify for booking of actual airplan ticket, for meeting the criterion of the program and for providing booth required info, OR decide to withdraw right, will yield the right to team in runner-up team.

(sorted by alphabetic order)

  • Air Tree (Team 6 / Pitch Session 6)

  • Crypto-Arsenal (Team 5 / Pitch Session 1)

  • Digi Space (Team 8 / Pitch Session 8)

  • Turing Drive Inc. (Team 4 / Pitch Session 4)

  • UJ BioMed (Team 2 / Pitch Session 2)

The team list (sorted by sequence of order) is the 3 runner-up teams. In case any team from above pre-selected failed to complete the required process, the team list will be given right to take on the position of the pre-selected

(listed by Judge sequence)

  • Runner-Up #1 iAMBITION Technology (Team 3 / Pitch Session 3)

  • Runner-Up #2. Ubestream Inc. (Team 9 / Pitch Session 9)

  • Runner-Up #3 Linbros (Team 1 / Pitch Session 5)


Because the delegation planning and execution preparation time is only less than 4 weeks, instead of 3-6 months, a lot of planning and execution are done concurrently and in a very short time. We do kindly ask every team to co-create, give-first, express sincerity and appreciation to all the government officials, iiiNNO team, iiiNNO's partner AsiaRath and other to make this impossible mission possible.

We apologize for the rush, but everyone is waiting for us to finalize the 5 team list, therefore we need the 5 pre-selected team and 3 runner-up team to do the best everyone can to make sure the next 16 critical hours are conducted smoothly, professionaly, and timely.

  • 1st deadline: by 2023/09/27 11:59PM

    • Group meeting at 10:00PM

    • Complete the Online Google Form

    • Discuss the delegation guideline and signe

    • note: failure to complete the following will result the forfeit of the right to proceed with 2nd deadline, unless iiiNNO has made changes.

  • 2nd deadline: 2023/09/28 12:00PM

    • Booking of ticket with designated travel agent

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