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2023 SMEA UAE Market Access & Expand North Star Startup Show Tour by iiiNNO



iiiNNO is honored to be selected and invited by SMEA of Taiwan MOEA to execute the first SMEA UAE market access tour as host with support of AsiaRath as co-host to plan out an official Taiwan delegation to UAE from Oct 12th - Oct 20th with exhibition at one of the biggest startup show in the world, Expand North Star, in Dubai on Oc 15th-18th.

Who can apply

Any companies registered in Taiwan, less than 8 years since the date of company registration.

Program Guideline (簡章) - Published on 2023/09/18 11:45AM

  • 2nd Online Recorded Program Overview (2023/09/19 9AM)

  • Youtube Link:

  • Youtube Embedded Video Below:

Online Application / 線上報名

Program Online Application

How To Contact / 如何聯繫我們

Info on UAE / 有關UAE的資料

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