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bring your idea to live in 16 hours

learn to pitch as entrepreneurs in silicon-valley do in 2-days with substance that attracts customers/investors/resource owner.

Brainstorm Team Meeting

2 day pitch camp

enable corporate, school and acceleration program to unleash the potential of your talent pool and embraces the impossible with measurable results.

Pitch Camp for Success

iiiNNO unconventional approach with over 1000 participants.

Client 1

Day-1 Morning (3 hours)

  • how to pitch in 30 sec

  • how to invite talent to join and build an a+ team

  • how to facilitate co-creation with empathy

  • how to overcome limited belief and not to miss out the next million dollars big idea

  • how to shift from can not to can

Client 7

DAY-2 Morning (3 hours)

  • discover the secrete sauce of how to present to draw attention from judges / resource owners / management / investors.

  • how to create 10 pages silicon-valley standard pitch presentation in 3 hours for first time.

  • how to distinguish between incremental and disruptive innovative project

Client 8

DAY-1 Afternoon (5 hours)

  • how to create offer to generate sales on day 1

  • how to pitch in 60 sec

  • how to discover precise and correct market insight

  • how to create and validate multi-source revenue business model

  • how to distinguish between position, vision and life-purpose

Client 2

Day-2 Afternoon (5 hours)

  • how to pitch like a pro for first time in a 2-minutes pitch practice

  • how to conduct final pitch properly in international pitch environment


Past Pitch Camps

Tsing Hua University

Nov 12 & 13, 2022

Taipei Tech University

March 19 & 20, 2022

TSING HUA Univeristy

Dec 4 & 5, 2021

Taipei Tech University

March 13 & 14, 2021

Tsing Hua University

​Nov 28 & 29, 2020

Tsing Hua University

Dec 15 & 16, 2018

*Tsing Hua University

Dec 2019

*Taipei Tech University

March 2020​

Capability Building With immediate measurable results

10X growth in 16 hours

1️⃣ Unfair Advantage

building unfair advantage at the start for success

2️⃣ Build Competitive Advantage

Identify and spark disruptive innovation to gain competitive advantage

3️⃣ Scalable Business Model

create & validate multi-source revenue business model for financial sustainability.

Create Silicon-Valley Deck & Pitch at a global environment

Trusted Partnership

validated New startup idea with clear position, vision & purpose to scale

Great Collaboration

Build a product/service niche customer love with community approach DAY 1

A Mutual Vision

Generate early-stage ideas with potential to become a startup/internal innovation.

Trusted Partnership

Jumpstart and elevate internal ecosystem fostering supported innovation

Great Collaboration

How pitch camp works?

quick 3-minutes videos showcase day-in-a-life.

Reference & Acknowledgement of top thought leaders

iiiNNO 16-hours pitch camp shares the amazing leading  thoughts and frame work of how to build a startup or innovate from the  books / video / books from top accelerator partners, entrepreneurs, professors and mentors.

(REMARK: the following people are not affiliated to the program, but their give-first and public sharing has been inspirational for iiiNNO to build a program to unleash the potential of entrepreneurs and next generation young talent)


Reese Whiteman


Get in Touch

Drew Carlyle


Get in Touch

Steve Blank

American entrepreneur, educator, speaker, author of book "The Startup Owner's Manual" and adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Stanford


Jamie Lane

General Partner

Get in Touch
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