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Taiwan Company Registration Step

SOP optimized by iiiNNO team

Step #1: Name Checking & Category Selection

Reserve for Chinese company name for 6 months and select the service categories that your operation in Taiwan will conduct. 

STEP #2A: Taiwan Investment Commision Application

Apply to receive permission letter from Taiwan Investment Comission to invest into Taiwan company.

Step #2B: Corporate Bank Account Opening

Apply your corporate temporarly bank account.

List of bank in iiiNNO Business Center service area

STEP #3A: Capital Injection

Conduct capital injection to Taiwan company by completing the wire transfer.

Step #3B: Taiwan investment comission confirmation

Confirm with Taiwan investment comission on the completion of capital injection.

STEP #3C: Taiwan accountant capital certification

Conduct Taiwan company's capital investment certification by a certified Taiwan accountant.

Step #4A: Company Registration Preparation

Prepare the following critical company registration documents such as: 

  • Key documents:

    • company registration document

    • company charter

    • company shareholder meeting minutes

    • company address registration permission letter

Example: Taipei City Government process:

STEP #4B: Company Registration Submission

Submit officially company registration application at city government.

Step #5: Tax Office Interview

Conduct interview with tax officier and apply for GUI certificate.

National Taxation Bureau of Taipei

Company Operation

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Tax filing

sales tax (bi-monthly) & revenue tax (annual)

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