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new Asian markets
in 10 months

we invest and bring early-stage startup companies

to new markets with 10x growth. 

Japan | Taiwan | Thailand | India

iiiNNO Special Program

our program aims to help our startup companies and talents in digital economy to achieve goals at next level.


iiiNNO Asia 10x Launchpad
(From Taiwan To Asia)

Successfully access Japan / Taiwan / Thailand and India market in 10 months.

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iiiNNO Taiwan Tsutaya Program
(Asia to Japan via Taiwan)

launch to Japan with online/offline sales channel of GREEN FUNDING (crowd funding) and Tsutaya book stores and much more.

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Digital Economy Talent Ecosystem Initiative

iiiNNO is launching a new initiatve with key stakeholders in Taiwan to contribute and co-create the talent ecosystem for digital economy.

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iiiNNO believes in contributing to build an inclusive digital economy and startup ecosystem where key stakeholders co-create for a better future.

what we do

iiiNNO is a startup launchpad company, we work with entrepreneurs to achieve 10X growth in Asia new markets. Through our global soft landing and market expansion partners, startup companies are making real sales and benefiting from each local market government and private incentive and fast track program in 3/6/9 months.


Want to make sales and grow your business in Japan / Taiwan / Thailand / India or other countries in Asia? Join our iiiNNO Launchpad program to capture 10X growth in 10 months.

Our business center service is here to help your company setup with ease and speedy in order to take advantage of local and central government subsidies with iiiNNO experienced biingual staff to get your business start in no time.

Not only we invest 2.5K USD to 50K USD in early-stage, but also assist to find the right investor to lead in some situation in order to build a solid investment team to help your company to suceed in Asia.

Latest News

Brainstorm Team Meeting

what our founders say about us

why global startup and entrepreneurs enrolled in our program


Not only iiNNO has supported us for our scaling within Taiwan through events like InnoVEX and meetings about government grants, they would co-organized startup events with their partners from other countries, leading to amazing results that help us to connect to markets, investors and customers from Japan and Thailand. 
Having iiiNNO’s support in our business has been a great experience for ANIWEAR. Thanks to iiiNNO we have met partners with international relevance, new potential customers, investors, and we have entered an internationalization phase.

Joe Mac, CEO Aniware



Henry Hsu, CEO BonBonMusic

Portfolio Companies

From Idea to Funding


XTRA Sensing
(HK 🇭🇰)

Property Tech

We provide a 24/7 virtual expert to monitor your critical facilities to ensure non-interrupted operations.



 (HK 🇭🇰)

Education Tech

Easiest total 3D printing solution for everyone.


Wode App
(KGZ 🇰🇬)

Digital Transformation

Digitize and enhance manual data collection pipeline.


(HK 🇭🇰)

Health Tech

Mindfio delivers wellness where it begins: in the mind.


(HK 🇭🇰)

Health Tech

The world's first one-stop AIoT platform which empowers every veterinarian to complete a specialist-level cardiac assessment in 30 seconds.


BonBon Music
(TW 🇹🇼)

Digital Transformation

This is your Client Description. Use this space to introduce this client or customer or to detail the work you provided for them.


(TW 🇹🇼)

Fin Tech

This is your Client Description. Use this space to introduce this client or customer or to detail the work you provided for them.

Client 4


Great Collaboration

Volve is a fast-growing business based in San Francisco. We were fortunate to find this company and work with their talented team at an early stage and we have been supporting them ever since.

iiiNNO Key Metric for Success


Passing Rate for Taiwan Entrepreneurship VISA Recommendation

iiiNNO is a certified accelerator by Taiwan goverment to recommend individual or team entrepreneurs for the application of Taiwan entrepreneurship VISA which grants a 1-year residential status to prepare the setup of company and investigation of market feasibility.


Number of Recommendation for Taiwan entrepreneurship VISA application.

iiiNNO successfully recommended 40 entrepreneurs from 2020-2022 with entrepreneurs from USA, HK, France, India and other countries.


Dollar Value for successful crowd funded in Japan via our 【iiiNNO Taiwan Tsutaya Program】

with launch of iiiNNO Taiwan Tsutaya Program in mid 2022, iiiNNO is committed to co-work with AIoT device startup team and OEM manufacture to launch to Japan via Taiwan.


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