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Top 10 advice from Mark Cuban

Top Startup Advices from Mark Cuban

Who is Mark Cuban

serial entrepreneurs, owner of NBA Team and long time investor of TV Show Shark Tank.

The Top 10 Advices For Startup

#1: Now is the time

Any time is great time to startup! There is no bad time, but need to put in the time to research. Start small and test it out until what you love to do become a business.

#2: Be Passionate

Got to love what you do. Start a business is not a job, you will naturally put in time to see what you love to come true.

#3: Don’t make excuses

Everyone has the opportunity to make what you love to make it true. If it is successful, then turn into a business, if not you will still have something you love. The key is not to make excuse.

#4: Learn from history

Before making a call that your business is so unique that no one has tried in the world, think twice. Really do the research and study on whether if such idea was tried and what was the result. Mostly importantly acknowledging the reason for success and failure.

#5: Enjoying competition

Fall in love with competing and make your service best in the world.

#6: Know your business

You need to be an expert in your business and be the best in the world. Most business failed because not knowing the effort and the industry that you are in. Need to know who you are competitor

#7: Be brutally honest with yourself

Need to know what you do  know and what you don’t know. Most startup may live in their bubble and think that their service is the best and no competitor will catch up. Need to be truly honest whether if you are truly the best in the world and knowing that everyone in the world will try to out perform you. Stay true and make it happen.

#8: Known your strength and weakness

Know what you are not good at, and find someone who can compliment you. At the same time you need to know what you are really good at and focus on it.

#9: Be unique

Got to find what you are best in the world that makes you very different than your competition

#10: Be yourself

Know what you want in live and make it happen.


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