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FAQ: Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa Application


#1 What is the application process for Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa

  1. first step: location of application submission

    1. decide if you are applying with in Taiwan or apply from outside of Taiwan

  2. second step: nationality

    1. choose one of the 2 processes depends on your nationality

      1. non-HK & non-Macau

      2. HK & Macau

  3. third step: eligibility

    1. choose the eligibility of applying for entrepreneurship visa

      1. iiiNNO accelerator/launchpad program is one of the approved national accelerator&incubator which can help you to process your eligibility under the Taiwan government guideline of section 1.2

#2: what are the application required documents and information

The Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa program is the 2nd program of its own launched in Asia after Japan to support entrepreneurs wishing to come to Taiwan for building your prototype or company here in Taiwan by easing the actual entry (visa) and stay (residency) in Taiwan.

The program has 2 steps:

  1. Visa Application (to enter to Taiwan) – This is critical during COVID-19 period where tourist visa is not granted. 

  2. Residency Application (if you decide you would like to stay over the Visa duration and in Taiwan 1 year or more than 1 year)

  3. Photos

  4. Application Form of Entrepreneurship Visa Program

  5. for non-HK & non-Macau:

  6. Example in English:

  7. Application of Actual Entrepreneurship Visa & ARC (1 year residence)

  8. Application for the actual Entrepreneur Visa to enter to the country

  9. for non-HK & non-Macau:   (online)

  10. for HK & Macau: paper application

  11. Application for the actual ARC (1 year residence)

  12. for non-HK & non-Macau:

  13. Accelerator/Incubation Contract (if you are choosing accelerator/incubator as your eligibility for entrepreneurship visa application)

official Government info at:

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