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[perspective] What does success really mean? How to measure by Simon Sinek


What does being successful really mean? Is it simply reaching a record or being covered by the media? What does one needs to do to ensure staying at top of the game. 

成功的真正含義是什麼?它僅僅是突破一個紀錄,還是被媒體報導? 到底要做哪些事情,才能確保持續保持在巔峰呢?

international known speaker and innovator Simon Sinek points out that success should not only be measured against whether if a goal is being reached, but rather creating a momentum would bring a sustaining success and become the goal in work and life.

* Quote by Simon Sinek

Success is created by momentum

* Where is the mindset shift? HOW DO WE VIEW AND TREAT 「SUCCESS」 TODAY

In today’s world, success is often measured against achievement level. If a clear objective such as reaching a sales target goal at work or breaking a personal record in life or often in TV seeing professional athletes  winning the Olympic gold medal or championship game, often we would associate accomplishment with success. As we tend to congratulate or compliment with nation of success when one wins a big sales contract or being featured in media,  as result we are conditioned to chase the goal of achievement as our daily routine.



if winning a gold medal or reaching a sales target becomes the key or the only major focus in life and work, one would quickly discover that important value such as trust and honesty which are equally

Often or not, reaching the target goal become the objective in life instead of building a sustaining operation which fosters trust and collaboration for business or building a sets of habit or value in life.

where is the key?

Having the ability to consistently produce good or positive result, would shape your team differently as breaking the record no longer the objective or end-game, rather consistently fine-tuning your operation and product/service to have an steady increase in sales/revenue/customer acquisition in case of running business.今日的我們如何看待及激發『成功』






講者Simon Sinek在影片提到一個很有趣的案例。在美國軍隊選拔最頂尖的軍人,除了體能以為的條件,其實其中一個最重要的條件其實是誠信,因為在戰場上這個核心價值的重要會牽扯人命。


那到底要如何預防在建構一個成功的人生或企業,不要忽略掉核心的價值呢? 講者Simon點出一個超簡單易懂的關鍵,那就是要建構一個有『節奏感產出』的習慣。


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