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[perspective] leadership is about making accountable choice, reaching out and creating a safe enviro

Are you currently in a leadership position or you are about to lead a project or team? This is the post that will enhance or change the way you look at leadership from a different angle. I always thought that leadership is about bringing people together and assign tasks to achieve a common goal while giving an inspirational speech about the common vision. Recently I learned that there is much more than just performing the tasks of managing projects and a list of to-do. Leadership is about creating a safe environment and accountability while showing your own vulnerability.

Leadership Is About Creating A Safe Environment

Making your team members feeling safe with a strong desire to demonstrate one’s vulnerability to share mistakes and come forward with a request with a good intention of achieving together the common goal is a new norm of what leaders need to learn and become.

There is a big difference between a good leader and a good manager.

  1. a good leader asks team members: what can I do to make your job easier or do better

  2. a good manager asks team member: what is the current status of the task and what needs to be done to complete the task

On the surface, both example above of what a good leader or manager are the same as both reach out to the team members. However, the subtle difference is how the question is being phrased and the intention behind it.

A good leader not only reaches out but always ask team members about what a leader can do to help instead of simply showing a measuring stick to examining the progress of the work. Since completing a simple task in today work is much more challenging than before as there is much more noise or factors influencing the outcome of a task. Therefore truly care for your team members and inviting everyone to share their vulnerabilities and current challenges actually help the entire team to perform at the peak. Information sharing will be position and will no longer be hidden because of fear and care-free from the team members. It is all about building a feeling-safe working environment.

Key Characteristics of True Leader

  1. Leadership is a choice and not a position and not a rank

  2. leadership does not come with the position a person holds.

  3. A leader takes accountability

  4. Leaders just not only take credit but take accountability as accountability and credit are equal equation

  5. A leader learns to help others first while asking others for help.

  6. Learning helping each other is key

  7. A leader speaks last

  8. Learning to listen is different than learning to speak last

  9. To ask questions to truly understand why people have their own opinion beyond what they say.

  10. Humility and gratitude

  11. To remember all the fancy treatment may be for the position you hold and not just for you.

  12. A clear vision of the world could exist or not yet exist

  13. Leaders have followers by clearly speaking about the direction and what the future looks like.

  14. To articulate the world, and people are inspired to follow and work together.

  15. Leaders provide a safe place where people love to work, improve and grow

  16. Working hard for things you love is a passion where working hard for things you don’t like is stress.

  17. Leaders need to provide a safe environment where the team feels comfortable in expressing vulnerabilities.

  18. Leaders care more about the lives/life/skillets of the employees, and the team tends to make sacrifices to contribute.

About The Author Of The New Concept

Simon Sinek is all about helping people to exceed one’s potential in learning about the critical and simple concept and transform completely on how people operate and make the decision. In the video, he shares about what leadership is and is not, especially in today’s new environment.


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