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[perspective] Elon Musk | How not to be the 99% fail, but to be 1% succeed

Want to learn from one of the most inspiring serial entrepreneurs on how to be the potential “1%” of the companies succeed and stay away from the potential “99%” of the companies on the path of failure? Below is a list of mindsets that may change the way how you run your business.

想要透過知名連續創業家 Elon Musk的經典分享學習如何成為那1%的成功公司嗎? 而遠離那可能成為99%失敗的機率嗎? 以下為大家整理出一切經典關鍵的創業思維,希望也能轉變你的事業往更成功的面向發展。

Mindsets of “1%” who may succeed

#1: Make product/service customers love

Stay focus on building a product/service your customer love to the point that they want you to succeed and not to fail.


#2: Inspired and Compiled

Founders need to be clear on why are compelled to make a product/service people love.  What inspired the founders to wake up every morning while facing tremendouse hardship and difficulty in running a company.


#3: Making profit is important

Making a profit is simply customer willing to pay more than the cost you are incurring for the value you are delivering. Every business needs to be profitable


#4: Eating glass and endure the pain to address cracks in company

Creating a business is a painful process just like eating glass. Founders need to learn to address cracks and problems in the company that people don’t wish to solve. Founders need to determe to solve these cracks instead of choosing the problem they wish to solve.  Often the problems are:


  1. customers are not coming in as quick as wishes / 客戶訂單量不如預期。

  2. deliverying the product/service is not as quick or smooth under the expected budget / 服務商品的提供或交貨速度不如預期或也不在預想的預算執行。

  3. economy down turn eliminate the potential spending on your product/service / 產業經濟的不景氣,導致消費遲緩。

#5: Grit & Perserverence

Creating and running a business is an extreming painful process. Not acknowledging the pain and required perserverence may just put the business to end.


(Photo by photo credit: Benjamin Lowy/Reportage by Getty Images for CNN)


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