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Impact Hub & Impact Hub Taipei – an international network/community and space


History & Current Status

  1. Headquarter founded in London in 2005 and relocated to Austria

  2. 4 students started the first space with a simple idea to create a nicer and more comfortable space to collaborate and work. With support from communities, the movement started and more people start to visit space and the expansion begun.

  3. Leveraging the global community, #Impact Hub is now over 60 cities with 85 hubs. With over 1000 co-work space managers along with the virtual online community, each city because the group under this global community.

  4. Singapore, Tokyo, Taipei are main cities in Asia. HK is currently preparing.

Kitchen is the key

  1. Impact Hub believes that food and drinks connect and unit people to create. Each space has its own kitchen design and the space is become an integral part of it.

What’s happening in Impact Hub Taipei

  1. Url:

  2. 地點: 科技大樓後面

  3. 地址:  台北市大安區和平東路二段265巷3號

  4. 3 key service: space / training / curation

  5. why creating this project: to connect local dream globally

  6. 3 key elements of startup project or team: sustainability, social innovation and sharing economy

  7. mission: To redefine success, To consolidate resource and build global network

Beyond the space

Impact Hub Taipei also hosts other amazing global and local initiatives such as morning breakfast networking, failing business sharing and initiative.



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