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[Guest Visit] Fukuoka Growth Next (Fukuoka City, Japan) – Asia upraising startup cluster and e

Our Guest Profile

We are really excited to host the visit from our amazing partner Fukuoka Growth Next operating team from Fukuoka City, Japan. FGN (Fukuoka Growth Next) is one of the upraising startup clusters in Asia after the great success of Singapore at Block71. With the great leadership of the mayor of Fukuoka City from Japan, Fukuoka City is now the to-go city in Japan for innovation and startup. .

Purpose Of Visit

Today is the first time of the operation team of Fukuoka Growth Next, out of many visits from Fukuoka City and startup ecosystem visitors.  The friendly visit is on a connection mission to the Taiwan startup ecosystem in preparation for the new fiscal year project. We are really excited to share with the guests the dynamics and trends of the Asia startup ecosystem. The recent close collaboration of government and private local ecosystems from countries like India and Thailand sets another example of how ecosystem builders contribute more than simply organizing events, but to lead in the discussion of cross border market access and investment with government national program.


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