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[event] iiiNNO 2020 Spring Demo Pitch & Investment Meeting

iiiNNO 2020 Spring Demo Pitch

we are inviting startup team from iiiNNO launchpad, venture building, and 6 weeks 10X growth bootcamp team and as well startup team recommended by our mentor network to do a 3 minutes pitch. At the end of pitch, we will proceed with iiiNNO & Partner investment review meeting.

Pitch Team List

the demo pitch will be 3 minutes with upto 5 minutes QA. The pitch will be in 2 group. One group is team in our 6 weeks 10X acceleration program and another group is team from our launchpad program.

  1. 6 weeks 10X acceleration camp graduation demo

  2. 接案族重生計畫 by FreelanceCase (

  3. Dental Eco System by 艾瑞瓷口腔醫療集團 (

  4. AI Robotics fisherman by ZongaMu (

  5. team #4

  6. Launchpad program

  7. APP/ Queuing solution\ Restaurant solution by QueQ (

  8. STRIDE-360 by STRIDE-360 (

  9. Vircadia, 3D interface and server solution for Desktop and VR by Meitefusi 美特弗斯 (

  10. Invitation by mentor

  11. note: we will invite the team recommend by mentor or invitation by iiiNNO at our next pitch. Thank you for everyone’s support in applying to the pitch demo.


  1. Preparation

  2. All pitch team please arrive at Terminal C at 2:00PM for practice and setup

  3. If you need 20 minutes mentor coaching, please come at the same at 11:30pm and we will do office hour on first come first serve basis.

  4. PItch Demo & Investment Review Meeting

  5. 5:00PM Networking

  6. 5:30PM Welcome Message and Investor/Mentor introduction

  7. 5:35PM iiiNNO update

  8. 5:40PM PItch

  9. team #1:  5:40PM

  10. team #2:  5:50PM

  11. team #3:  5:55PM

  12. team #4:  6:00PM

  13. team #5:  6:10PM

  14. team #6:  6:20PM

  15. team #7:  6:30PM

  16. 6:40PM Investment Review Meeting

  17. for investor and mentor/partner discussion and list out action item and initial decision

  18. 7:00PM Networking & Photo

  19. 7:30PM Closure


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