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[Entrepreneurship Observation] Why Fukuoka city benefits Asia market access strategy for startup com

What is happening in Fukuoka City? 

Fukuoka city with a population of around 1.6 million people, is one of a fast-growing city in terms of population growth, one of the youngest average age and one of a national strategic special zone in Japan.

Official Video by Fukuoka City Government

Startup Support: What are the available resources and supports?

Fukuoka City government officially launch an English website (Startup Fukuoka City), dedicated to supporting international entrepreneurs and startup companies. Fukuoka Startup Cluster “FGN” Introduction  Fukuoka Startup Environment Overview

  1. Government Support >> Fukuoka Startup Package

  2. Startup Visa: 6-month residency 

  3. Financial subsidy for office and housing support:

  4. Tax reduction:

  5. Startup cluster >> Fukuoka Growth Next (a newly renovated building which used to be an elementary school in the heart of the downtown area in Fukuoka city)  

  6. Startup Cafe

  7. Startup Cafe: one-stop center for information, startup visa application and request for mentoring

  8. International business center: Within startup cafe, there is a group of friendly staff dedicated to assist international entrepreneurs with the ability to speak multiple foreign languages (English / Chinese / French / …) 

  9. Co-working & office

  10. Startup companies may be able to register the company within Fukuoka Growth Next facility 

  11. Event spaces

  12. Startup Ecosystem

  13. Uprising VC: F Venture / GXPartners

  14. Startup Community: Myojowaraku / Startup Go!Go! / Startup Weekend Fukuoka 

  15. Events: 

  16. Myojowaraku one of the largest startup/tech/music grass-root events in Japan, started from Fukuoka and hosted 2 times oversea in London, England and Taipei, Taiwan. 

  17. Fukuoka Selection annual startup pitch event, hosted by Fukuoka City government, invites all its MoU signing partners to recommend international startup companies to network, pitch and learn about the Japanese market as well as what Fukuoka City has to offer to attract international entrepreneur to soft-land to Japan via Fukuoka City.  

What so special about Fukuoka?

  1. The leadership of amazing mayor >>> with the leadership of one of the youngest mayor Takashima Sōichirō (高島 宗一郎) in Japan at the time of the age of 36, the city is now not only considered the entry point to Japan but the uprising startup city and cluster in Asia, after Singapore.

  2. The launch of a one-stop entrepreneurship hub >>> Startup Cafe > operated by private company Tuyutaya book stores with collaboration with Fukuoka city hall, is an innovation of its own where the center supports entrepreneurs in Japan and as well aboard with staff speaking English / Japanese / French and others and takes on the application of startup visa application which grants 6 months residency, allowing entrepreneurs to use their name starting with the setup of the company to purchase of cell phone number. Introduction of one-stop startup hub: Startup Cafe Fukuoka City startup cluster: Fukuoka Growth Next (FGN)

Fukuoka News Coverage

What are the past and current collaborations between Fukuoka City / startup ecosystem and iiiNNO?

  1. Fukuoka City government collaboration with iiiNNO

  2. Past:  

  3. Assistance to Fukuoka City government with the promotion of Fukuoka Startup Package in both Taipei City and Kaohsiung City (20170110) in Taiwan.

  4. Assistance to Fukuoka City with MoU signing to Taipei City government and SMEA of MOEA. 

  5. Assistance to Fukuoka City for selection 5 startup team for 2 days of market research and 5 teams for Fukuoka Selection. 

  6. Assistance to Fukuoka City with mayor interview with local Taiwan media. 

  7. Present: 

  8. Bringing Taiwan and international startup companies to Fukuoka city for market justification & feasibility research, networking and demo pitch. 

How can iiiNNO help international startup companies to enter to Fukukuoka City? 

To date, more than 20 startup companies have chosen iiiNNO to assist with market access research in Japan and to Fukuoka. iiiNNO’s startup tour program has been a great success in helping entrepreneurs with the following:

  1. what includes?

  2. truly assess the justification and feasibility of the Japanese market and soft-land to Japan via Fukuoka

  3. effectively in building a solid business network with key partner, ecosystem builders, the government official

  4. meeting with Fukuoka City government and startup cluster  

How to start? 

You may join the iiiNNO launchpad program which has all the resources and experience you need to get your first sales and partner in 3 months or contact directly to Fukuoka city where friendly staff more than happy to assist you.  

please contact us at or apply to our iiiNNO Launchpad or Startup Tour program at


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