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iiiNNO Taiwan Tsutaya Program: new Pathway to Japan for Startup and OEM Manufacturers in Asia


iiiNNO is excited to announce our official collaboration with Taiwan Tsutaya and GREEN FUNDING on Sept 30, 2022. 3-parties officially launch the iiiNNO Taiwan Tsutaya Program ( with an MOU signing ceremony at Tsutaya Taipei bookstore in Taipei City with a pre-recorded greeting message from Ke Wen Ji (mayor of Taipei City) and Sōichirō Takashima (mayor of Fukuoka city).

The MOU aims to build a single platform and contact window to help startup companies and OEM manufacturers from Asia make sales and validate new business models in Japan. The program provides access to an online-merge-offline retail channel for GREEN FUNDING & its brother/sister business units within the parent's group of Tsutaya bookstores in Japan.

# What is so unique about the program?

For the longest time, launching your product in Japan traditionally requires years of preparation. It often requires going through a 3rd party middle entity in Japan or a setup of a Japanese entity. Now, the Tsutaya bookstores in Taiwan and its brother/sister crowdfunding company GREEN FUNDING joined forces with iiiNNO to help early-stage startup companies and OEM manufacturers from Asia to Japan. Today, the applicants to the program will no longer need first to have a Japanese entity in Japan. They can immediately launch into the Japanese consumer market with a pre-production prototype to validate use case assumptions and capture customer pain-point while avoiding massive investment in production molding and operation set up in Japan as before in the traditional business approach.

# How to get involved with the program?

The selected projects will crowdfund online on GREEN FUNDING with the choice to feature at the offline pop stores to generate pre-sales and acquire market insight data to iterate with customer feedback. The program even offers OEM manufacturers the possibility to co-create, co-design, and co-R&D before officially launching in Japan. At the same time, startups and OEM manufacturers can apply to the program with their existing prototype by filling out the online application form to pitch at the next iiiNNO Taiwan Tsutaya Day.

## why embark on the Japanese market?

The two key benefits of making sales in Japan are the showcase company's ability to generate new revenue in the world's top 3 largest consumer markets and the opportunity to exceed one's limit to survive in a highly demanding market. At the same time, the resilience it needs to break through the initial and full-scale stages in Japanese markets is a positive signal to investors who may evaluate the company's worth at a higher evaluation level. Japan can create a unique position for the early-stage project or companies to not only potentially generate new revenue and increase company evaluation.

## how Fukuoka City in Japan can help your expansion to Japan?

## miss out on the 9/30 launch?

No worries, here is the list of videos that showcase the highlight program launch.

Video #1: Greeting message from Taipei City Government Mayor

Video #2: Greeting message from Fukuoka City Government Mayor

Video #3: Program Experience Sharing by iTemp

Video #4: Program Experience Sharing by Mindfio

Video #5: New Project Pitch by Masa

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