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[Event] GEW Taiwan 2012 Kick-Off with Minister of Economic Affairs

David was so honored to be invited to attend on the kick-off of GEW Taiwan 2012 with Taiwan government top officials. At the same event, David was invited as panel speakers with the ex-executive of Groupon Taiwan (now, the co-founder of Kuo Brother Group – top e-commerce platform in Asia)

VIP Guests

Government officials

  1. Minister of Economic Affairs /  經濟部部長 施顏祥

  2. General Director of Small Medium Enterprise Administration / 經濟部中小企業處處長 葉雲龍

  3. 教育部技職司司長 李彥儀

  4. 青輔會主委 陳以真

  5. 勞委會職訓局組長 黃孟儒

  6. 國立臺北科技大學副校長 王錫福

  7. 青創總會總會長 陳世銘

  8. 全國中小企業總會 張大為

Entrepreneur representative:

  1. Startup Weekend百人創業活動導師 郭展榮

  2. 創業家兄弟創辦人 郭書齊

  3. 綠藤生機創辦人 廖怡雯

  4. 旅知股份有限公司執行長 黃正州

Invitation To Share

Event Press Release


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