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Co-Founder & CEO

David Kuo is the co-founder and CEO of iiiNNO. He mentors, matches and invests in early-stage startup founders and co-create to achieve 10x growth. He speaks regularly in Asia about how to best start a startup with expansion to new market on Day 1, founder growth development and startup ecosystem building.

He engages actively in international startup program as a facilitator of Startup Weekend Taipei and managing director of GEN 886. He also teaches at NTHU for IBBA program and recognized as an official mentor of Taiwan Startup-Hub. 

David graduated from McGill University with a master degree in Manufacutring Management in Jan 2000 and received his Ph.D candidate certification in Jan 2023. 


Co-Founder & CFO

Lei Lei Chao is the co-founder and CFO of iiiNNO.

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Startup Program Specialist

Sherry is the startup program specialist of iiiiNNO.

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