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[learning / 學習] start machine learning with 6 lines of code / 六行程式碼開啟機器學習

Josh Gordon

About The Lesson and Instructor

Gosh Gordon  is an Developer Advocate for TensorFlow at Google Computer science education and outreach from New York.  Gosh created few YouTube tutorials for first time machine learning students who wants to quickly understand what is and how does machine learning work by actually doing with simple example in life.

Example such as how to train the computer to tell difference

  1. Lesson #1: how machine learning can predict type of fruits Apple and Orange based on weight and surface

  2. Lesson #2: how to use decision tree to determine type of flowers based on 4 measures

Lesson #1: What is machine learning with Apple and Orange example

first step: download required libraries

  1. scikit-learn (Third Party Distribution: Canopy)

second step: understand what is machine learning

  1. it is a subset of AI and is study of algorithm that learn from example and experience. An great example is how to tell difference between an Apple or Orange

third step: understand the basic steps to machine learning

  1. collect training data 收集 訓練術據

  2. train classifier 分類器

  3. make prediction 開始預測

forth step: actual building using training data

  1. in scikit-learn (SKLearn), import the basic data set (called training data) with 2 measure (called features)

Lesson #2: using decision tree model to predict using training data


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